• Conceptional approach ..more>
    The complete process of introducing knowledge management will be explained, simulated and trained in a kick-off workshop in a realistic model organization 

  • Implementation strategy  ..more>
    manage knowledge easily“ – use existing resources more effectively.
    A knowledge management system, which motivates your employees to share their knowledge and which supports them in doing so, will be installed.

  • Aims of the game ..more>
    The introduction of knowledge management in an organization will be employed playfully. The most important point is to make the explicit (describable) and implicit (unconscious) knowledge of the participants more transparent and more accessable 

  • System of business game ..more>
    The business game promotes the abilities to act pragmatically by simulating complex systems. This guarantees an improved sensitization to problems.  

  • Target groups ..more>
    Executives and employees from different areas of an enterprise.