Conceptional approach 

The successful introduction of knowledge management is by no means an
easy process. But we have taken the known stumbling blocks and general
conditions into consideration and offer an easy, quick and cost-efficient solution
for these problems.

The focus of our approach does neither lie on knowledge management
by means of a software tool nor on the introduction of extensive development
measures for your organization or on changing the overall culture and climate
of your enterprise.

In time of small budgets for alterations we offer you compact, manageable,
effective and economic qualification measures for selected knowledge
disseminators and knowledge managers, who will be enabled to initiate
changes within your enterprise even while they are being trained.

In doing so we will concentrate on

conveying the basics of knowledge management:

  • clarifying terms and defining knowledge and knowledge management

  • becoming familiar with a refernce modell of individual and organzational
    knowledge management

  • acquiring methods for individual and organzational knowledge management

  • learning to take general conditions for the implementation of knowledge management into consideration

enhancing the experience of the participants in order to enable them to

  • analyze their own knowledge and present it transparently

  • improve their handling of their own knowledge and of the knowledge in their organization

  •  apply methods of knowledge management

  • develop strategies for the implementation of knowledge management

In our business game we will concentrate on four main problems

  • What activities concerning knowledge (either individual or in a team) will
    lastingly improve the productiviy and the working conditions of our
    business game company?

  • Would this yield positive results in our business game company
    a) for me as employee
    b) for the department / section
    c) for the organization as a whole?

  • Would it be advisble to introduce a system of knowledge management
    in our business game company, i.e. to employ methodic knowledge

  •  If so, which strategy of implementation and what pilot projects are
    suitable and how might the appropriate knowledge management
    system look like?

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