Implementation strategy 

Many studies have shown that for example top-down solutions for knowlege
management (exhaustive implementation by means of appropriate software) do
not achieve lasting success due to the dispropotionate extra work (training and workshops).

It is especially difficult to implement fundamental changes in the working
habits of the employees for the whole company by means of this approach.
Similar experiences have been made with the introduction of quality management. Therefore, it is our goal to implement a knowledge mangement system adjusted
to the climate, philosophy and need of your enterprise by motivated, especially
chosen knowledge disseminators.

These selected and motivated knowledge management protagonists will act
innovatively within the existing knowledge, workflow and communication
deficiencies as service providers (profit center approach) offering creative,
simple and quick solutions.

By means of a transparent clearing system additional internal productions
esources will be revealed and the employees will be rewarded appropriately
for sharing their knowldege for the knowledge management system in order
to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your enterprise. The
necessary basics will be shown in our knowledge management game™
and our internet platform will guarantee the continuous support of their efforts.

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